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Mann Elementary SBDM Council Members    

Members Title Training Date E-mail
Connie Crigger Principal 7/21/2020
Jessica Maley Parent 6/30/2020
Laura Smiley Parent 7/26/2020
Punita Patel     Minority Parent 7/21/2020
Cheryl Coyle Teacher 7/9/2020
Katie Tranter Teacher 7/21/2020
Virginia Bishop Teacher 7/29/2020
Lisa Willoughby Teacher 7/3/2020


  Mann Elementary ByLaws & Policies

Mann Elementary SBDM By-Laws

2020-21 Meeting Datesmtgremind

 All meetings are on Mondays at 5:00pm

** “Due to the pandemic and the closure of school/campus, all meetings need to be held virtually. We will conduct this meeting via Zoom. As always, the public is invited to our SBDM meetings and you are welcome to join us virtually. If you would like to attend, please contact the school office at 384-5000 for the code to enter the meeting.”