2021 Accentuate The Positives Shout Outs


Loyal Listeners are those kiddos that have done an extraordinary job engaging in listening to their teacher and their classmates whether in a virtual or in-person setting.

Perfectly Positive category focuses on those kiddos that have continued to remain positive in class and with their classmates through encouraging words and attitudes.

Wonderful Worker - these students have really exhibited persistence and consistency in completing their work whether remote or in-person.

Brilliant Behavior - these students have shined in modeling great behavior for their classmates. This was exhibited in their Google Meets and in their in-person classes.


Amelang's Class :

Wonderful Worker - Lyla Williams & Joachim Gobel

Brilliant Behavior - Harper Cornett & Parker Galliher

Main's PM Class: 

Wonderful Worker - Emily Grierson & Roman Diaz

Brilliant Behavior - Adeline Manuel & Sophia Fields

Main's Virtual Class:

Wonderful Worker - Jordyn Tullius & Siyona Avalaskar    

Brilliant Behavior -   Ross Horton & Rejoice True  

Mason's AM Class:

Wonderful Worker - Layla Knutson & Madison Schrek

Brilliant Behavior - Myles Gross & Ella Hamby

Mason's PM Class:

Wonderful Worker - Logan Fedders & Katelyn Hoffman

Brilliat Behavior - Lara Beiter & Ezra Nodalo


Broadus' Class :

Wonderful Worker - Dhruv H. & Cohen R.

Brilliant Behavior - Evan G. & Josiah T.

Chaney's Class: 

Wonderful Worker - Easton B. & Eliza M.

Brilliant Behavior - Charlie L. & Vinny W.

Gnadinger's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Charley L. & Julian E.

Brilliant Behavior -  Lexi Y. & John T.

Gripshover's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Tilly Z. & Cole J.

Brilliant Behavior - Katelyn R. & Isla S.

Mason's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Alfred B. & Isaac S.

Brilliant Behavior - Stella V. & Scarlet H.

Thompson's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Levi F. & Isabelle L.

Brilliant Behavior - Giada F. & Evan L.

Bagley's Class :

Wonderful Worker - Connor T. & Garrison S.

Brilliant Behavior - Jaxson E. & Lucy W.

Bishop's Class: 

Wonderful Worker - Harper W. & Nicholas M.

Brilliant Behavior - Averie B. & Piper H.

Darpel's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Ella M. & Brandon D.

Brilliant Behavior -  Addison S. & Tarakram M.

Duncan's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Cailian Z. & Ali I.

Brilliant Behavior - Tommy S. & Josephine N.

Morgan's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Samantha S. & Landon G.

Brilliant Behavior - Dalton B. & Makayla R.

Wingrove's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Alijah F. & Helena R.

Brilliant Behavior - Camden S. & Eva L.

Ledford's Class :

Wonderful Worker - Dean S. & Finleigh S.

Brilliant Behavior - Daniel K. & Tyler K.

Marker's Class: 

Wonderful Worker - Remi S. & Yuwa F.

Brilliant Behavior - Amelia B. & Austin D.

Roettker's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Harper N. & Kaden T.

Brilliant Behavior -   Bonnie B. & Bella S.

Taylor's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Miguel M. & Ndanatswa R.

Brilliant Behavior - Jagruthi K. & Anthony H.

Wendlings's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Brinkley M. & Nicolas G.

Brilliant Behavior - Gianna D. & George L.

Wetter's Class:

Wonderful Worker - CJ Trame & Landon G.

Brilliant Behavior - Brayden S. & Cadence D.

Principata's Class :

Wonderful Worker - Kennedy C. & Ethan P.

Brilliant Behavior - Mason D. & Kenley C.

Robison's Class: 

Wonderful Worker - Amelia H. & Langdon D.

Brilliant Behavior - Jeter M. & Nathan D.

Ruark's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Isabella D. & Dylan H.

Brilliant Behavior -  Caitlin H. & Sophia H.

Shumate's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Owen C. & Hayden C.

Brilliant Behavior - Lillie K. & Nive S.

Tranter's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Trevor C. & Sydney M.

Brilliant Behavior - Lily L. & Griffin L.

Willoughby's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Ashley B. & Alex H.

Brilliant Behavior - Brody K. & Lucy M.

Coyle's class:

Wonderful Worker - Kamryn A. & Bennett B.

Brilliant Behavior - Brinna P. & Cooper V.

Hatton's Class: 

Wonderful Worker - Michael B, & Olivia M.

Brilliant Behavior - Rachael M. & Mason C.

Hiatt's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Grant F. & Thanh-Nha H.

Brilliant Behavior -  Caroline K. & Hayato M,

Johnson's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Jeffrey H. & Jesse C.

Brilliant Behavior - Violet M. & Ella M.

Koehler's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Luke P. & Mya B.

Brilliant Behavior - Skylar M. & Will V.

Reusch's Class:

Wonderful Worker - Lien L. & Loc L.

Brilliant Behavior - Grace H. & Fenix M.


Amelang's class:

Loyal Listener - Asher Gr. & Mason L.

Perfectly Positive - Adalee A. & Milton A.

Main's PM Class: 

Loyal Listener - Pacey H. & Brody H

Perfectly Positive - Simran L. & Carter K.

Main's Virtual Class:

Loyal Listener - Miles C. & Zoe R.

Perfectly Positive - Ellison A. & Sam P.

Mason's AM Class:

Loyal Listeners - Avery A. & Ty R.

Perfectly Positive - Caroline S. & Grayson B.

Mason's PM Class:

Loyal Listeners - Lily E. & Brady G.

Perfectly Positive - Charlie H, & Evie S.


Broadus' Class:

Loyal Listeners - Lindsey H. & Ishan N.

Perfectly Positive - Hannah B. & Owens P.

Chaney's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Brooke M. & Maddox T.

Perfectly Positive - Manaka M. & Oliver B.

Gnadinger's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Sam F. & Grace K.

Perfectly Positive - Olivia B. & Laine K.

Gripshover's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Griffin H. & Farah B.

Perfectly Positive - Charles S. & Levi F.

L. Mason's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Logan S. & Owen M.

Perfectly Positive - Wyatt E. & Willow G.

Thompson's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Elliana O. & Gavin H.

Perfectly Positive - Annie M. & Declan B.

Bagley's class:

Loyal Listener - Cate A. & Zoey L.

Perfectly Positive - Eli H. & Lila H.

Bishop's Class: 

Loyal Listener - Easton A. & Laney T.

Perfectly Positive - Aiden B. & Elliot A.

Darpel's Class:

Loyal Listener - Brayden H. & Avery K.

Perfectly Positive - Allie G. & Aiden N.

Duncan's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Zachary K. & Caitlin T.

Perfectly Positive - Jackson M. & Ava W.

Morgan's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Olivia H. & Brody R.

Perfectly Positive - Emmet M. & Katie M.

Wingrove's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Naomi D. & Riley J.

Perfectly Positive - Chiara D. & Liam R.

Ledford's class:

Loyal Listener - Lydia H. & Carter M.

Perfectly Positive - Chase N. and Marika O.

Marker's Class: 

Loyal Listener - Mason K. & Laney C.

Perfectly Positive -  Lillian R. & Cazden C.

Roettker's Class:

Loyal Listener - Ethan K. & Clara K.

Perfectly Positive - Caiden L. & Emma M.

Taylor's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Grant H. & Alma Q.

Perfectly Positive - Asher J. & Paisley R.

Wendling's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Shelby S. & Charlotte L.

Perfectly Positive - Ruxton C. & Zachary H.

Wetter's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Lisa T & Maddy S.

Perfectly Positive - Luke H. & Daniel K.

Principata's class:

Loyal Listener - Lily F. and Ronan S.

Perfectly Positive - Malaina O. and Hadley M.

Robison's Class: 

Loyal Listener - Addie R. and Lincoln H.

Perfectly Positive - Emily G. and Olivia D.

Ruark's Class:

Loyal Listener - Trey W. and Yonathan B.

Perfectly Positive - Caitlin H. and Isla B.

Shumate's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Nora K. and Hansini G.

Perfectly Positive -Harshika K. and  Valen B. 

Tranter's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Chloe S. and Bentley L.

Perfectly Positive - Adam W. and Mae H. 

Willoughby's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Carson C. and Lucy M.

Perfectly Positive - Liam B. and Ashley D.


Coyle's class:

Loyal Listener - Alex K. and Julia T.

Perfectly Positive - Jack S. and Mycah T.

Hatton's Class: 

Loyal Listener - Lucas D. and Grace D.

Perfectly Positive -  Kiylee K. and Gema M.

Hiatt's Class:

Loyal Listener - Christopher D. and William R.

Perfectly Positive - Mackenzi M. and Levi B.

Johnson's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Jonah C. and Jack H.

Perfectly Positive - Kadence S. and Taylor D.

Koehler's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Emma P. and Addie B.

Perfectly Positive - Vance T. and Christopher B.  

Reusch's Class:

Loyal Listeners - Emily G. and Owen R.

Perfectly Positive - Ally S. and Elijah K.

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