Parchment- request transcript

To request transcripts you must use the new parchment website. 


1. Begin registration by choosing one of these methods:

• Click the registration link in the email from your school

• Go to and enter the registration code provided by your school

• Go to and sign up manually or with Facebook

2. Complete the registration form by answering a few short questions Watch Video


1. In your account, click Dashboard
2. Click Order on the Transcript tile
3. Select a destination
4. Submit payment, if necessary
5. Wait for confirmation
Watch Video


1. Log in to your account
2. In the top navigation bar click Order History
3. Click on the order to view its status
Watch Video

Bonus! Collect & Manage

Your high school transcript and diploma are the first of many academic credentials you’ll earn. Collect them into your Parchment account! As you earn, manage them in one easy spot.
1. Order
2. Track
3. Collect
4. Share on LinkedIn and Facebook
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