Attendance Procedures


Daily attendance for all students is expected.  When a student is absent from school a parent or Dr. note must be turned in the day the student returns to school.  There is a basket on the counter in the main office for attendance notes.  Students may bring the note to the main office before school begins on the day they return.

Parent notes will be accepted for up to 8 days for an excused absence.  Any absences beyond 8 days will require a doctor’s note; any absence after 8 day, without a doctor’s note will be unexcused. 

Students tardy to school must be signed in by their parent/guardian or present a doctor’s note.  Students are considered late to school after 7:35 am.  Parent notes cannot be accepted to excuse tardiness.

Student leaving school early must be signed out by a parent/guardian or a designee by the parent/guardian.

If a student is leaving early,  please send a note in with your student the morning of the early dismissal.   Early dismissal notes may be placed in the attendance basket in the main office before school begins.  The office will then notify the teachers of the early dismissal.     

Educational Enhancement Opportunity:  If you wish to apply for an Educational Enhancement Opportunity for an absence during an extended time, the application must be submitted for approval at least 5 days before the absence.  EHO applications will not be taken following an absence. 

If you have any questions regarding attendance, please feel free to contact Stacey White  (859-534-4000 ext. 10000)