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New Teacher Technology Training

New Teacher Technology Training

Login for Network/IC
Be sure to use first.last@boone.kyschools.us.
IC will be asking you to change passwords throughout the year. Please know we have no way of retrieving your password and to change it we have to place a work order.  Please be sure to write down your password.

If at any time you think your password has been compromised, please be sure to let us know so that we can have this changed.  Your login info above can now be used when logging into IC and this is very important to not let anyone know your login credentials.

Login for Personal Devices (Staff)

-BCS_District will only be selected if you have a Boone County Schools owned device.  If this is the case the STC (Gail and Melanie) will already have this set up.

To Use Own Device (BYOT…Bring Your Own Technology)
-Select Choose a Network
-Select BCS_Personal
-Enter information as directed below when prompted.
--Username: first initial last name…eg flast
--Password: your network password
--Check box to accept terms
--Click Connect


BYOT for Students
-Students will learn how to connect their own devices once we have gone forward with BYOT rollout.  We ask that until students have gone through the Digital Passport through the UA STEM class, no student be allowed to bring their personal devices or allowed to login while in LBES.  Students who are approved to BYOT will be given a “Passport Drivers’ License”.  Melanie Roberts/Gail Lanham/Kristie Ferguson will show students how to login and connect.

-Staff and Students need to have an AUP on file.  This is to ensure that technology programs and equipment are being used in the correct manner. 
-Students who do not have a signed AUP on file will not be allowed to login to any workstation here at LBES.  Notes will be sent home to those who do not have AUP’s. 
-Please remember that anytime your students are logged in on the computers in your room you need to watch them.  If they somehow get into a program that is inappropriate it will be your responsibility.  If this were to happen please report to administration as soon as possible.


Document Camera

  1. Program Installation
    1. Use installation CD.
    2. Go to http://qomo.com/ckfinder/userfiles/files/Visualizer%203_00_20120606.zip
  2. How to Use (User Manual)
    1. http://qomo.com/ckfinder/userfiles/files/Visualizer%20Software%20User%20Manual-1.pdf


  1. Cleaning Projector Filter when prompted.
    1. On back panel is a screen remove screen by pulling down and then remove filter.  Clean by hitting on table or using a vacuum cleaner (STC’s have in rooms).
    2. Reset Projector/Filter Timer
      1. Menu Button
      2. Filter Time right arrow
      3. Up arrow Reset
  2. Things to make note of…
    1. Red Light Flashing means that temperature is high or that the projector is cooling down after being used. Let it cool down and try turning on again later.
    2. Projector is doing strange things.  We have been told to unplug the projector and let it sit for 3-5 minutes and plug back in.  This normally resets everything and the projector begins to work properly.
    3. Remote. If you use the remote to turn your projector on and off it sometimes interferes with the wall and projector communicating correctly.  If you find that your wall button does not work and you have used the remote, simply unplug your projector and this will reset everything.  Be sure to unplug both cords from the outlet.

Eno Pens

1.  Click this link http://techsupport.steelcase.com/Portals/0/support/drivers/eno_App_Setup_English_3.0.2.exe
2.  Click Run…this can take a while…let it run completely.
3. Click Continue
4.  At checkbox…select Eno
5. Install
6. When prompted plug in Bluetooth.  Select Use Existing Bluetooth.
You will then get this message….

Follow the steps below to pair the eno stylus with your computer. For specific instructions for your non-PolyVision Bluetooth adapter, check your radio's manual.


1. Make sure your external Bluetooth radio is plugged in, or that your internal Bluetooth radio is turned on.

2. Make sure that there is a good battery in the eno stylus.

3. Make sure that the eno stylus is within range (10m) of the Bluetooth radio.

4. Make sure that the Bluetooth signal from your eno stylus can be discovered by your computer. To do so, power off and on the stylus by replacing and removing the stylus cap.

5. Search for Bluetooth devices with the Bluetooth utilities on your computer. You can do this generally by selecting the Add Devices option from the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar.

6. In the list of discovered Bluetooth devices, select ADP-301 (this is the eno stylus).

7. When asked, enter 0109 as the passkey for the eno stylus.


If you get error message stating that the pen has already been paired…

  1.  Go to Bluetooth Devices (click up arrows next to Polyvision Driver Icon…it is blue shape)
  2. Show Bluetooth devices
  3. Click on ADP-301…delete device….then go back to Eno Pen Syncing Section.

Don’t Forget…

  1.  Click on Polyvision Driver Icon
  2. Click on projection
  3. Fixed Projector…remember to enable once you have defined your points on board (green board appears and you tap on x to align.)

Technology Available at LBES

  1. iPads (5 red, 5 blue, 5 purple, 5 black, 5 white, 5 pink) You will need to reserve online or see me (Gail Lanham) to get access to the online reserve calendar.
  2. Check Out is for 48 hours...we ask that they return to ipad cart for recharging.  If you keep in your room overnight, please be sure to lock them up.
  3. Surfaces (we have 10).  Password is Surface.
  4. Chromebooks (we currently have 3). We will have a total of 10.  These require student accounts to be set up.  If you wish to use these you will need to see Melanie and give her time to do this.

What you will be responsible to purchase….

  • Headsets
  • Personal Mice for Laptop
  • Personal Keyboards for Laptop
  • Speakers
  • Damage to technology (accidents happen and we understand this, but spilling coffee or a drink on it or allowing your children to play on it, this won’t be covered and you will need speak with us about replacement.)

What we will purchase….

  • Mouse for student computers if they are no longer working.
  • Keyboards for student computers if they are no longer working.
  • Any items needed to repair student computers (hard-drives and etc…)
  • Any items needed to repair teacher laptops (hard-drives and etc….)

Throughout the school year we will offer trainings on programs/equipment in the building.  If you want to learn more about something, please let us know and we will try to get that training for you. Also if you check the weekly emails that Erika sends out it will give you a heads up on the trainings being made available at Ralph Rush Development after school.