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SchoolPoint (Webpage) Training

SchoolPointe Online Classroom
LBES Training Session

Presented by Gail Lanham, LBES STC



Go to http://campernst.boone.kyschools.us.
1.  Teachers will hit the CMS Log in button at the bottom of your site or the district site.
2.  In the email field they will enter their email address but NO PASSWORD
3.  Below the password field they will then click on new online classroom user.
4.  It will ask them to verify their email address
5.  The system will then email them a temporary password they can use and grant them OLC access.
6.  The staff member can then change their password.

Top Tool Bar

  • Teacher’s Name Home Page- Takes you back to your page if you get stuck.
  • View Live Site- Allows you to see what other’s will if they look at your page.
  • Video Library- Where you can save videos and link later.
  • Change Password- This is where you can change your password.
              My password_____________________________________
              Reminder: STC’s will not have this info.
  • Logout-When you are finished with your page this is what you click to log off.


  • Add Event
    • You can add dates for your specific classes.  You can also add homework due dates or upcoming dates for your classroom.

My Homepage

  • Edit Teacher Contact Info
    • Update with your information
      • Title
      • Email
      • Phone Number (school)
      • Save Teacher Discription
  • Update Staff Photo
    • Follow Directions
  • Teacher Bio
    • Add info that you would want parents to know.
  • Be sure to SAVE with every change or addition.
  • Display Name
    • How you want parents to see your name.
  • Classrooms
    • You can set this up as you see fits your needs.
      • EX. Content Areas
        • Homework
        • Units
        • Projects
    • What can I do with a classroom?
      • You can make announcements.
      • Make Class Assignments
      • Class Files and Links that you want your students to have access to quickly.
      • Add pictures and images.
  • Pages
    • Outside Links
      • Example of New Page…..Newsletters
        • Add Subpage (ex. 8/26/13 Newsletter)
        • Add Info that you want on newsletter
        • Save Subpage.
  • Blogs (Can be done on classroom section only…you can have a blog for every classroom if you want.)
    • Why Blog?  Wouldn’t this be great to create a question of the night?  Have students login to your site and since you have the option to post at the time you prefer…have students respond to your question.  Better yet… want to find a way to get parents opinions?  The list can go on and on.  You can think outside the box when using blogs.  Mainly is how to do things or describing something….but what a cool way to get your students to login at home and communicate with you.  What a writing experience!
      • Open a Classroom
        • At the top there is a button for Manage Blogs
        • Add Blog Post
        • Title your blog and begin typing.
        • Set posting time and date.
        • Click allow for comments to be Posted….you will still get to approve before others see.
        • Save Blog Post.



  • Go to Classroom
    • Add New Classroom
    • Name it Teacher’s Name Moodle Page
    • Class Files/Link
      • Add Link
        • Type in your moodle page address.
          • Save link.



Here is a link that takes you to videos showing you step by step on how to do things.













Just some more how to’s for creating your webpage…..

Thanks to Mary Ciccarella (TRT) for putting this section together!